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Serve at St. Martin’s


Youth who serve the congregation during worship. Their duties include lighting and extinguishing altar candles as well as giving and receiving offering plates from ushers.
Term: one month


Responsible for monitoring the microphones/sound during 8:05 and 10:30 am worship service. Responsible for proper working of computer/video during 8:05 am service.
Term: one month

Head Usher/Greeter

Responsible for greeting all members and visitors to our church, and distributing bulletins for the service. Also to recruit others to assist with offering and to direct the congregation to the altar or the base of the steps (for intinction) for Holy Communion.
Term: one month

Offering Counters

Responsible for counting offering from both 8:05 and 10:30 am worship services or for any other special services. Must be willing and able to keep financial information confidential. Term: one month

Altar Guild

Responsible for preparation of Holy communion for worship service. Two different presentations of Holy communion can be provided: by intinction or at the altar. When Holy communion is by intinction, two chalices are used. One for wine and one for grape juice. When Holy communion is given at the altar, the wine or grape juice is poured into small communion cups. The communion wafers are placed on a plate for either presentation of Holy communion.
Term: one month

Communion Assistant

Responsible for assisting pastor with Holy Communion. If Holy Communion is provided at the altar, the assistants will install and remove the railings at the front and back of the altar. One of the assistants will administer the wine/grape juice while the other assistant will collect the empty communion cups. If intinction method is used only one communion assistant is needed. The communion assistant will also provide Holy Communion to the pastor.
Term: one month


Responsible for reading scriptures during worship services prior to pastor reading the gospel. Must prepare and be familiar (and comfortable) with the scriptures prior to the services.                                  Term: one month 


Responsible for the care of children during the 10:30 am worship service, following the children’s sermon. Also to straighten up nursery after children leave.

St. Martin’s is a place where people work together to create community — where we can live in a relationship to God and each other. Here are some ways to get involved:

Youth Ministry Team

Help provide a safe, nurturing, learning and sharing environment for children during the Sunday School hour, Vacation Bible School and age appropriate special events.


Make visitors and guests feel welcome at Sunday services.

Music & Worship Team

If you like to sing, we have many opportunities at both services. We love making a joyful noise!

Fellowship Team

This group plans and sets up for special events, and we like to have lots of them.

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828-612-1595 (call or text)

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PO Box 429
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Pastor Office Hours

Monday -Tuesday-Thursday 10:00am - 4:00pm, by appointment

Wednesday: Sermon and Bible Study Preparation Day

Friday: Day off